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With hearing aid technology constantly improving, it can be difficult to know what advances in hearing aid technology can do for you, the hearing aid user. To help clarify, we’d like to share some information about Oticon’s new hearing aid, the Opn™ (pronounced “open”). Many of our patients have been noticing significant improvements with these hearing aids, especially in the most challenging listening situations, like hearing against background noise. But just what is it about the Opn that makes it more effective?

In the past, hearing aids have used their microphones to either pick up sound from every angle, including background noise, or reduce some background noise by focusing in on one speaker you are conversing with. This has caused problems because a hearing aid user rarely wants to hear all the noise in the room or to focus in on only a single speaker. The Oticon Opn’s advanced technology helps overcome these limitations. It can allow you to participate in group conversations more effectively by focusing on more than one speaker at a time, all while reducing background noise. It’s the best of both worlds!

Speech is noticeably clearer amid noise with the Oticon Opn. This is due to the Opn’s advanced noise reduction abilities. This new technology allows the hearing aid computer to identify noise more accurately than ever before. Once it identifies the noise, it attempts to remove as much as it can from the signal that reaches your ear. It can even reduce noise in the milliseconds between the sounds of speech. All of this will lead to you understanding better against background noise.

Finally, Opn delivers the most customizable listening experience offered in a hearing aid to date. Just as everyone has a different favorite color, everybody prefers to hear sound in a different way. Oticon Opn offers sound personalization, a process that ensures what you hear from your hearing aid all day long sounds just the way you want it to. And all of these features wouldn’t be possible without the Opn’s new internal computer, which is 50 times faster than previous models!

If you think you could benefit from the innovative Oticon Opn technology, call East Valley Hearing Center today to schedule an appointment with one of our Doctors of Audiology.

This post was written by Jayce Hapka. He’s a third-year doctor of audiology student at Arizona State University.