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Materials needed:

  • Soft cloth
  • Brushes
  • Wax pick
  • Air-vent cleaner
  • Replacement wax guards (if applicable)

Cleaning Tips

  1. Clean the outside of the hearing aid with a soft cloth. It should not be overly wet or contain any chemical cleaners that can affect the plastic casing.
  2. Do not poke or put anything into the microphone opening. The microphone is one of the most delicate parts of your hearing aid and special care should be used when cleaning this area.
  3. While cleaning, make sure to turn the hearing aid upside down so the microphone opening is facing down toward the floor. This will keep any loose debris from falling into the microphone.
  4. Be gentle when cleaning the receiver or speaker area, as too much force may cause damage to the speaker. Again, tip the hearing aid face down. Brush over the wax guard with the brush allowing any wax or debris to fall away.
  5. For Open Fit hearing aids, the thin tube can usually be taken off and a long, narrow tube can be used to ream out the inside of the tube.
  6. If you need to remove the wax guard, gently insert the end of the replacement tip into the old wax guard and pull the old guard out. Turn the stick around and place the new wax guard gently into the receiver opening.
  7. If you have an ear mold on your hearing aid, use the wax pick to gently remove debris from the opening of the ear mold. The ear mold tubing can be disconnected and compressed aid can be used to clean out the tube.
  8. The air vent on the ear mold can be easily reamed out from either side with the vent cleaner, which is a long narrow plastic piece that can be put through either end to remove any loose debris.