Our expert staff at East Valley Hearing Center provides services to those from four years to over 100 years old. These include basic behavioral tests and computerized otoneurological evaluations. When appropriate, the latest digital hearing aids may be utilized to help compensate for hearing loss. Hearing care services are offered at our Mesa, Arizona location.

The East Valley Hearing Center is an advanced diagnostic and treatment facility that includes such technology as:

  • Large walk-in sound booths for accurate assessment of your hearing levels.
  • Clinical audiometers for measuring hearing for air and bone conduction sounds, along with speech audiometry measures in assessing speech reception threshold and speech discrimination abilities.
  • Tympanometry for determining the elasticity and function of the tympanic membrane (ear drum) and middle ear system.
  • Hearing aid analyzer for measuring hearing aid performance and distortion.
  • Computerized probe-microphone (real ear) measurement to assess the sound pressure at the ear drum for prescriptive fitting of hearing aids.

One of the most advanced diagnostic tools used by audiologists in the detection and treatment of hearing loss is the video otoscope. It shows the audiologist, and you, on a TV screen exactly what is going on inside the ear-often times finding wax or skin debris buildup, one of the most common causes of hearing aid failure. It can also show us whether there is damage to the eardrum or ear canal.

The first step to better hearing is to be evaluated by a certified audiologist. When necessary a medical referral will be made.

Our Services

Audiological Evaluations
Complete hearing testing for ages four to adult provided by a certified clinical audiologist. Evaluations include measures of hearing sensitivity for air and bone conducted sounds, measures of speech discrimination ability and, when necessary, assessment of the middle ear function (impedance audiometry), and special testing to determine the location of dysfunction.

Hearing Aid Evaluation; Speech Mapping/Real Ear Measurement
With our real ear measurement and speech mapping system, we can now measure and record your hearing aids’ performance while they are actually in your ears. This computer analysis helps us to verify that your hearing aids’ prescription is precisely matched to your individual requirements.

Hearing Aid Sales and Service
Our center offers a wide variety of hearing aids featuring the latest technology. Our staff emphasizes ongoing cleaning and maintenance after your hearing aid purchase to ensure you receive optimum benefit from your hearing aids. Repairs are provided on all makes and models, with loaner hearing aids provided when necessary.

Hearing Accessories
Hearing aid batteries, custom-made earmolds, swim plugs, noise protectors, assistive listening devices such as audio induction loops, infrared systems and FM modulated systems, TV listening devices and telephone amplifiers, and items for care and maintenance of your hearing aids are always available.

Sign Language Interpreting

For more information on any of our hearing services, please contact us.